The generator system produces a precise electrical voltage direct from the vehicle engine, independent of engine speed. No matter how fast or slow the engine is going, the frequency remains stable. The DYNAWATT®POWER SYSTEM, with 230V AC, 50 Hz sine output voltage, allows you to use sensitive electrical equipment, such as videos and TV's, as well as electric tools, welding equipment and other 230V consumer units. Dynawatt can be retrofitted on to many popular vehicle and boat engines. Appropriate fitting sets and a variety of accessories are available for this purpose. The control unit can be installed anywhere within the vehicle or car, as long as the place is dry. The optional remote control provides information about the system's operating status. Available with a powerful output of 2.3, 4.0 and 5.0 kW 


How it works

The systems consists of a compact 250V, 3 phase generator that is belt-driven from the engine, plus connecting cables and a control unit. The generator transforms the 3-phase alternating current into a precise 230V, 50Hz alternating current,with a power output, depending on system, of up to 5000 watts. As the alternating voltage is produced electronically, frequency and voltage remain stable regardless of engine speed. The amount of power that can be drawn from it is, however, dependent on the speed of the engine, as shown on the adjacent output curve. The Dynawatt power system works fully independently of the vehicle electronics and needs no additional 12V battery connection


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